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Who is Nokona?

Nokona is the nation's oldest baseball glove manufacturer, handcrafting premium ball gloves since 1934. For generations, Nokona has been dedicated to providing the best baseball products in the world—all made in America. Nokona represents premier independent baseball organizations comprised of elite travel players in their geographical region. 

Through a formal arrangement with the American Original Ball Glove Co. LLC, dba Nokona, Metro Mass Baseball Club Inc., dba Nokona Baseball plays under the Nokona name and receives exclusive benefits including product, discounts, and support.

Nokona Baseball of the Northeast was the first and original team to sign an agreement with Nokona to play under their name back in 2005.

Nokona's mission is to be a part of elite travel baseball, and to engage with top players and coaches who are at the forefront of the game.

10U Chiefs Are April Classic Champs!

About the Nokona Baseball Program in the Northeast

The Nokona Baseball program, an accredited 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was founded over 10 years ago with a simple mission: To teach, train, develop and mentor young athletes whose interest it is to play college baseball, all at an affordable cost.

Nokona Baseball is centered on enhancing a player's opportunities for success.  For each age group, the Nokona Baseball Program represents a collection of the area’s most talented players. These athletes come together as a team and compete at the highest level while developing their individual skills and having fun in the process.

The right path to success can begin at any age.  Our organization and its coaches have an enormous passion for baseball. We look to identify and work with players who share a similar passion and want to get the most out of their talents and baseball careers.  We stress the importance of education and the discipline and preparation necessary to achieve success, thereby allowing our athletes the opportunity to play at the highest level possible.

Winning is a product of our success, but not the only measure. Nokona prides itself on past members who have gone on to prestigious colleges and universities, student athletes who have fulfilled their dream of someday being part of a quality collegiate baseball program. Our clinics, camps, and travel teams all help in the overall development of a player’s skills—but the life lessons learned along the way are invaluable.

Nokona teams have continuously put forth a level of commitment and dedication that has come to symbolize what it means to be a Nokona player and carry on in the proud tradition of the program.

New Free Custom Ballglove Program for All Nokona Players in 2017

Nokona Baseball is very excited to announce its new Free Custom Glove Program for all Nokona Players for next year's season.

In 2017, Nokona Baseball will provide all ballplayers in its program with a free custom personalized Nokona Ballglove (a $400.00 value). Since 1934 Nokona has been handcrafting premium ballgloves and today remains the nation's oldest baseball glove company—and manufacturer of the only baseball glove still made in the USA. The Nokona Baseball program is pleased to be able to provide our ballplayers with one of the finest products made for baseball today. The glove design and color is custom and specific to our Nokona Baseball program.

Nokona Baseball — Home of "theNAC", a premier training and development athletic center in Ashland, MA designed specifically for Nokona ballplayers. Click here to learn more...