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About Developing Scholar-Athletes

Nokona Baseball is about learning, training and development, and honing baseball skills among young, talented athletes to help them perform at the highest level attainable. For more than a decade, the Nokona Baseball program has focused its energies on emerging baseball talent, and also on building an organization and a legacy that demonstrates the proven successes of our approach.

Academic success is part of that approach, and it helps to set the stage for further success at the college level, where the combined academic and athletic demands on players are likely to increase. We are proud of the scholar athletes who've participated in the Nokona Baseball program, and we remain fully committed to helping our players become well-rounded individuals who are not only elite baseball players but well-educated scholars too.

Academic Tutoring

Academics is a crucial part of all athletes' current and future success. Making sure maturing ballplayers have the academic knowledge and learning skills necessary for educational and career success is a vital aspect of the Nokona Baseball program. 

We stress discipline, structure, work ethic, dedication and practicing with a purpose when it comes to baseball—but we also look for and bolster these same characteristics in our players when it comes to their education. Becoming a skilled baseball player requires many things besides just athleticism and talent. If a young ballplayer's dream is to compete at a high collegiate level, then the concern that is first and foremost in the recruitment process is education. 

At every level in our organization, from management to coaches to clinicians and specialists, we understand that an athletically rigorous schedule like the one we offer at Nokona Baseball places extreme time demands on players, and we fully recognize the effort they put forth indoors during the off season and on the field during the season. Beginning in the fall of 2015, we will offer Academic Tutoring at our new Nokona Athletic Club facility to our players. It is our intent to not only develop and guide our players so they can compete at their highest level on the field, but also help them excel academically and thereby become complete scholar athletes who genuinely represent the finest talent in every sense of the term.