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About Our College Placement Advisors

In the Nokona Baseball program we recognize that high school graduation is the culmination of a dozen years of commitment to knowledge and excellence. As high school ballplayers approach graduation through their sophomore, junior and senior years, there are many factors to be considered including future goals, pursuit of a college degree, and how well positioned the ballplayer is for presentation to his preferred college or university.

It is generally acknowledged that for a high school player to be recognized and recruited by a quality post-secondary school, it is more important for that player to participate on a highly competitive summer travel team like Nokona Baseball than it is for him to be on a "powerhouse" high school team (for more information, visit the High School Baseball Web site).

With our considerable exposure to some of the finest high-school-aged baseball talent in New England, we feel it is important to provide quality consultative guidance to ballplayers and their families as the college decision draws near.


Steven Gilbert, Skidmore College

Steven Gilbert attends Skidmore College (Class of 2017) in upstate New York where he is a starter in the outfield for the Thoroughbreds. Mr. Gilbert started his Nokona Baseball playing days when he was 11 years old and was a member of our very first team in 2005.

His experience as a player in high school (St. Marks School, Southborough, MA) and college have provided him with a unique view and understanding of the academic and recruitment process.  Nokona Baseball has hired Mr. Gilbert to help provide his perspective and guidance to our players and parents who would like to better understand how to "navigate through it all" during the stressful time of evaluating and deciding on the best college or university to attend.

If you wish to speak with Mr Gilbert, he can be reached at (mobile) 508-298-8930 or (email)  sgilbert@skidmore.edu

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