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About Player Profile Archives

Nokona Baseball is focused on training and development of college-bound baseball talent. Team performance is an important part of that metric, but the recognition of individual ballplayers who demonstrate the willingness to learn, the work ethic to excel, and the recognition that both academic and athletic excellence are attainable goals is just as important as teamwork. To that end, Nokona Baseball features a monthly player profile where we single out a noteworthy ballplayer coming up through the program.

The "Monthly Featured Nokona Player Profile" appears on the Home page of the Nokona Baseball Web site. This Player Profile Archives page is where we retain past player profiles, not only for informational purposes but as a measure of the individual successes of our program. We are proud of all the athletes who've participated in Nokona Baseball and have helped make us one of the truly outstanding development programs in the country for college-bound baseball players.

Monthly Featured Nokona Player Profile

Chris McGrory

Chris McGrory, a rising junior at Medfield High School, Medfield, MA (Class of 2017), has been in the Nokona Program since he was an 11 year old.  Chris epitomizes the exceptional student-athlete. He is at the top of his class academically, and is a Division I recruit for his pitching on the field. He is a leader, both by his actions and his words, and a young man the Nokona organization holds in the highest regard.

During his seven years in the Nokona Program, Chris has blossomed as a player. It didn't come easy at first, as he needed time to grow into his body. His early days were spent as the 10th or 11th man on the roster—never the star. But he was always a great teammate, and an excellent listener. He understood the work he needed to put in to excel on the field, and went above and beyond to make himself a true ace on the hill.

Chris was named the Tri Valley League Pitcher of the Year this past season as a sophomore after posting a 10-0 record and leading his team to the state semi finals.  He continued his success this summer on the hill for Nokona, impressing college scouts from up and down the east coast.

Standing at 6' 6" and presenting a very ominous figure on the mound, Chris uses a lively fastball, a biting slider and a diving change-up in his arsenal of pitches to keep batters off balance. Above all, he has tremendous command of his pitches and the strike zone. The future is indeed bright for Chris McGrory. 

Monthly Featured Nokona Player Profile

Blake Gallagher

Blake Gallagher, widely regarded as the best dual-sport athlete in New England, is currently a junior at the St. Sebastian’s School in Needham (Class of 2017). He began playing in the Nokona Baseball Program in 2009 as an 11 year old. Blessed with talent, size, speed and power even at a young age, Blake was a standout from the day we were first introduced to him.

Early on, it was clear Blake was a natural talent both on the mound and at the plate—but what remains so impressive today is that he has managed to stay at the top of his class all these years, from little league, to the big diamond and into high school. He is a driven young man who understands what it takes to get to the next level. His work ethic, drive, determination and commitment to excellence has carried him far, and today he is nationally ranked as not only one of the top baseball players in the nation, but also nationally ranked as one of the nation’s top football prospects.

A resident of Bridgewater, MA, Blake’s athletic accomplishments are startling. This past year alone as a high school sophomore, Blake was an All ISL High School Baseball All-Star, the #1 ranked player in MA according to Perfect Game Scouting Reports, won the Perfect Game Home Run Derby in Fort Myers, FL, and was named to the Perfect Game All Tournament Team four times.

At 6-foot-1 and 230 pounds, with a 92 mph fastball and over-abundant power at the plate, Blake is a very imposing figure on the field. Most important, however, is that despite all his accomplishments and athletic talent, Blake carries himself with the utmost humility. An honor roll student, he has undoubtedly set himself up for success moving forward—but if you speak with this young man, you would never know how good he really is. He remains one of the most humble players we have had in our program; he has never given a thought to being more important than any other member of the team. That is just one reason he is so well respected by teammates and coaches alike.

Blake has always played the game the right way. His inclusive personality has allowed new players to feel at home in our program, and he will be the first teammate to reach out and make new ballplayers feel welcome. Without question, this talented individual is one of the great young leaders you will come across anywhere in the country.

This fall, you will find Blake in the backfield on offense as a running back, and as a linebacker on defense for his high school squad at St. Sebastian’s. Wherever Blake’s talents take him, whether in baseball or football, the Nokona Baseball Program is exceptionally proud to have had the opportunity to watch him develop over the years.