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About the NAC: What You Should Know

The Nokona Athletic Club—"theNAC"—is a 12,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art private baseball athletic training center exclusively for the Nokona Baseball Program.

Equipped with six hitting and pitching tunnels, plus a fully equipped workout and training center, theNAC also features a café and common area for congregating, socializing, having a cup of coffee or just sitting down for a beverage or snack. It includes high-top tables and chairs, a 50" TV, kitchen area, beverage and healthy snack vending machines, and a coffee prep area—all with a very rustic and relaxing café feel. 

The facility also features offices and conference rooms. Upstairs above the office area is a comfortable mezzanine sports-themed parent/player lounge outfitted with leather seating, TV's, high-top seating and a great viewing area overlooking the entire facility.

When it comes to training and development of college-bound baseball athletes, we don't just have a knack for it. We have theNAC. The Nokona Athletic Club. Opening soon.
How To Get To The Nokona Athletic Club
Contact Our Staff Regarding Lessons

Please feel free to reach out to any of member of our coaching and training staff for information about lessons:

Instructor/Coach Gerry Carroll:  Gerry.Carroll@NokonaBaseball.org (hitting, pitching, fielding)

Instructor/Coach Dan Sullivan:  Dan.Sullivan44@gmail.com (hitting, pitching, fielding)

Instructor/Coach Jack Ambrose: JackAtTheNAC@gmail.com. (hitting, pitching, fielding)

Instructor/Coach Brandon Anderson: mrbrandonanderson@me.com (all-around instruction)

Instructor/Coach Michael Caulfield: caulf58@gmail.com (hitting, fielding)

Strength Coach Matt Healy: dynamicathleticperformance@gmail.com (performance training)

Instructor/Coach Jason Hoye: jahoye4@gmail.com (hitting, fielding)

Instructor/Coach James Lagos: coachjameslagos@gmail.com (hitting, fielding)

Instructor/Coach Mike Lyon: nu7ball@yahoo.com (hitting, fielding)

Instructor/Coach Rob Murray: rob_murray@nobles.edu (hitting, fielding)

Instructor/Coach Justin O'Brien: justinob44@yahoo.com (all-around instruction)

Instructor/Coach Jeff Paulsen:   coachjpaulsen@gmail.com (hitting, pitching, fielding)

Instructor/Coach Eric Rodriguez: erodriguez@umass.edu (catching, hitting) 

Instructor/Coach Cam Ruziak: cjr1012@plymouth.edu (catching, hitting) 

Instructor/Coach Keith Wasserboehr: KeithWasserboehr@ymail.com (all-around instruction)

Instructor/Coach Matt Winn: matt76winn@gmail.com (hitting, fielding)


For general information, please email us at Info@NokonaBaseball.org


Instructor/Clinician Steve Simoes: ssimoes@hopkinton.k12.ma.us (hitting, fielding, catching)