How to Compose a Business News Article

Business news is an area of journalism that tracks and reports on commercial, economic and financial activities and changes in societies. This area of writing can be found in magazines, newspapers and radio and television news shows. It can cover a wide range of topics and is generally more detailed than general news articles. The goal of business news writing is to inform readers about important trends and events in society while securing their interest. This is achieved by presenting a well written article with a catchy headline and using secondary sources to offer insight into the subject matter.

The first step in composing a business news article is to identify your audience. Asking questions like who are you writing for, what age group and location is your audience, and why are they reading this will help you structure the article to meet their needs. Knowing your audience will also dictate the tone and voice of the article.

After identifying your audience, start by determining the topic of your business news article. Research the topic thoroughly and identify the most important facts and figures that need to be included in the article. This will help you write a compelling headline that will capture the reader’s attention and entice them to continue reading. Once you have a solid understanding of the topic, you can then begin drafting the article.

As you draft the article, keep the inverted pyramid structure in mind. This outline format allows the most important information to be presented first in your article, which will help to maintain reader engagement and prevent them from becoming overwhelmed by too much data. It is also helpful to consider your audience and publication when constructing the article, as a general news magazine may have a different audience than a news website that specializes in business topics.

When drafting your news article, be sure to include the most important information in the first paragraph. This will ensure that your audience reads the entire article, rather than skipping over the important information. Additionally, be sure to include any supporting facts or opinions in the body of your article, as this will add credibility and bolster your argument.

Finally, be sure to use a professional tone when writing the article and include citations when necessary. This will help to avoid plagiarism and ensure that your sources are credited appropriately for their work. Additionally, be sure to use capital letters when citing names and titles, as this will help your readers to distinguish between the different individuals in the text.

Skye Schooley is a staff writer at Business News Daily who writes content that helps small business owners navigate human resources topics. She has extensive experience with small business operations and has researched countless topics to create informative articles and product reviews that inspire small businesses to succeed. Her knowledge of human resource management, workplace diversity and culture, and search engine optimization helps her craft content that answers real business questions.