How to Write a Good Business News Release

Business news is an important part of the overall journalism industry. It provides readers with the latest breaking news, and it helps them stay informed about what is happening in their industries.

Business news covers a wide range of topics, but it typically revolves around businesses and the economy. It can include information about financial reports, mergers and acquisitions, new products and services, new technology and more.

It can also focus on industry and economic issues that affect a particular market or customer base. It can be focused on local, national and international businesses.

This kind of writing can be tricky because it requires careful research and a good understanding of the subject matter. For this reason, it is often necessary to seek help from a business news writing service UK.


The headline is the first thing that catches the reader’s eye when they open your release, and it should be strong and compelling. Avoid using cute and clever headlines, as they may not be received well by your readers.

Generally, a good press release should contain the following components: a bold and blunt headline, a sub-headline, supporting quotes from someone within your organization and some supporting data in list format.

Your sub-headline should immediately state what the announcement is about, while providing context to the story. Then, your second paragraph should feature quotes from a company spokesperson or business executive to explain the why behind the announcement. Finally, your third paragraph should provide the supporting data in list format.

Use your sub-headline as a catchy title that entices readers to read the rest of your release. It should also be brief, ideally a single sentence in length.

You should also use exclamation marks sparingly in your headlines. This is because they often don’t convey the same ring of power as verbs and commas, which you should be using more frequently.

Start by stating what the announcement is about and then provide some background on the industry or customer base. This gives reporters a sense of how your product or service fits into the industry and will help them write a good news article that grabs the attention of their readers.

Quotes from key stakeholders can add depth to your announcement and help paint a picture of how your product or service is impacting the industry, customers and landscape. Ideally, this should be from an internal source such as your CEO or product manager.

Ensure that your quotes are accurate and are written in a professional tone. You don’t want to slant the story or make it seem that a company or industry is portrayed negatively.

Be sure to include the contact information for the person who will be interviewing you and your company. This can be a phone number or email address.

Your business’s website should be included at the bottom of your press release if you have one. This will allow journalists to easily find your website and connect with you.