How to Write Newsworthy Stories


If you’re interested in understanding what news is, read the News Manual. It provides an overview of the types of news and links to other people’s opinions on various topics. Some of these opinions are reasonable, while others are cynical or even witty. You’ll soon discover that news can be both educational and entertaining. The News Manual can help you distinguish between good and bad news, as well as what makes a news article or story interesting.


Consuming Good news can help you feel refreshed and relieve stress. It’s a good self-care activity you can do on a regular basis, especially when you’re doomscrolling.


One of the best ways to combat the effects of bad news in the news is to read more positive news. There are many websites dedicated to uplifting news. For instance, the Good News Network and Positive News both provide content that is positive and upbeat. In addition, the Upworthy website distributes positive videos. In addition, major news organizations like the New York Times and the Washington Post have begun to engage in “good news” reporting.


Sometimes it’s easy to miss the news that’s truly off-the-wall, but the internet is full of weird stories that you can follow. Some of these stories are crimes, weird animals, and science that is hard to believe. You’ll find wacky topics such as the Florida Man and Barbecuing Child Molesters.


Education news is a source of information that is of great importance for educational managers. The information collected is often complex and diverse. Hence, it is important for managers to classify news and to detect sensitive information timely. News about education must be analyzed and monitored to detect trends and identify important stories. News about education can be categorized as either positive or negative.

Human interest

If you want to make your story more compelling, use a catchy lead. Tell the story with vivid descriptions, and use a human interest angle to frame your story. For example, a compelling human interest story could follow the journey of a refugee family or a record-breaking mountain climber. Include details about their early lives, training, and future goals. Another great example of a human interest story is an exposé of a local politician.