Nokona Baseball Bats – Made in the USA

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Nokona baseball bats are made in the USA. Their premium quality makes them an excellent choice for any baseball player. The company has three series: Signature, Walnut, and X2 Elite. Let’s take a look at each one. Which one is right for you? Find out the features of each, and then start your search. We hope you find the perfect ball for you. We also hope you find the perfect baseball bat for your budget.

Made in the USA

The phrase “Made in the USA” is a term of confusion. What exactly does it mean? To be marketed as “made in the USA,” a product must contain at least 50% of its parts from the United States. This means, at a minimum, the final assembly or processing of the product must be performed within the United States. But what does this phrase mean? Here are some facts about the label:

Signature series

The Nokona Alpha Series includes youth and adult gloves with top-quality leather. These gloves are designed for elite youth, high school, college, and club players. The new interior padding system gives players exceptional feel and control. Nokona’s signature features make the bloodline a top choice. These baseball gloves are lightweight and durable, and feature superior structure and feel. Nokona also provides free batting practice glove fittings and covers, so they’re perfect for any player.

Walnut series

The Nokona Walnut series of baseball gloves reflects the quality craftsmanship and tradition that is a hallmark of Nokona products. The W-1200C model is a little heavier than its predecessor, but it is significantly more stable in key areas of the glove. This glove also comes in an in-between size range, so it is suitable for players looking to improve their game in between sizes. A little heavier, but still stable, the W-1200C 12 in Baseball Glove is the perfect glove for in-between sizes.

X2 Elite series

The Nokona X2 Elite series of baseball gloves are position-specific and designed for extreme performance. The Nokona X2 Elite baseball gloves are made of premium top-grain Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers. They require minimal break-in and have excellent structure and shape retention. These gloves offer the best blend of performance and top-quality. Whether you play shortstop or third base, the Nokona X2 Elite series gloves will have you performing like a star.

Banana Tan series

Nokona has brought back its Banana Tan series, which was originally introduced in the 1970s. This series features soft yet durable cowhide for increased playability and a shorter break-in period. Newly enhanced Ristankor Closure System makes the shoes easier to break-in. This system uses Velcro to secure the hand, allowing for a faster break-in period. This series is made to fit the size and shape of your hand comfortably.