Nokona Baseball Gloves

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Nokona baseball gloves were invented in Texas and were patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The company’s Banana Tan was developed during the 1970s and is a specialty-tanned Steerhide. The company also makes baseball gloves in the USA. Nolan Ryan has switched to Nokona baseball gloves. While many other baseball glove manufacturers moved overseas, Storey did not. The Nokona baseball glove company is headquartered in Nocona, Texas.

Nolan Ryan switched over to Nokona baseball gloves

Nolan Ryan has switched over to Nokona baseball gloves after noticing that they fit better than any other brand. The Hall of Famer, the all-time no hitter, and other baseball legends have all switched over to Nokona baseball gloves. The legendary glove is known for its durability and uniqueness. Ryan also attributes the better feel to Nokona’s unique shape. If you want to know more about the company behind Nokona gloves, read on.

Banana Tan was developed by Nokona in the 1970’s

Nokona is bringing back its classic Banana Tan series of boots. The series’ unique supple cowhide allows for a quick break-in period. Its deep pocket and improved design allow it to retain its shape and performance even after extended use. Nokona first developed the Banana Tan line in the 1970’s. The new Special Series has even more innovative features and a shorter break-in period.

American Caiman is a specialty-tanned Steerhide

Nokona baseball gloves are tanned using a specialized method that creates a leather glove with a unique texture. The specialty tanners carefully select the American Caiman, the tiniest and highest quality Steerhide. Nokona baseball gloves have been manufactured in the United States for more than 40 years. Founded in Nocona, Texas, the company has been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. While many sports manufacturing companies have shifted their factories to Asia, founder Robert Storey refused to do so. All Nokona baseball gloves are still made in the United States of America.

American Caiman is made in the USA

This beautiful leather belt is made from South American Caiman Skins and lined with Italian Glove Leather. The belt is hand stitched and features a polished nickel buckle. It comes in a gift box with a bag. It is also available in a larger size, if you prefer that. The belt is made to order and comes with a guarantee of authenticity. The leather belt is the perfect gift for a caiman lover.

Price of Nokona baseball gloves

Whether you’re in the market for a new baseball glove for yourself or your child, the Nokona baseball glove brand will offer you superior performance and protection. With more than eighty years of experience, Nokona craftsmen know how to deliver a quality product for the price. Among Nokona’s products are baseball gloves, belts, gloves conditioners, wallets, pet accessories, and shoes. Besides baseball gloves, the Nokona brand also offers accessories for the players, including pet accessories and wallets.