Nokona Baseball Gloves

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Nokona is a small company that has always struggled for visibility. In the early 2000s, investors hoped to make Nokona a household name, and spent money on endorsement deals. The brand became a big hit, but struggling to keep its doors open, the company slowed its marketing and sales efforts. But with the help of investors, Nokona is now a household name. Its unique baseball gloves have earned the respect of players of all levels of the game.


Nokona is an 80-year-old manufacturer of high-quality baseball gloves, bats, and other accessories. It recently acquired new investors who are committed to expanding the company’s product lines beyond baseball gear. They have ambitious goals for growth within the baseball industry, and are now focused on expanding into other categories, including apparel. Nokona has brands that span apparel, including Nokona Sport and Nokona Team Umbrellas.

The Nokona Alpha Series is available in youth and adult sizes and features high-quality leather. The Alpha Series is designed for college, pro, and travel players who are looking for a baseball glove with exceptional fit and performance. Its lightweight construction helps the glove break in quickly and easily. The Nokona Alpha Series is perfect for younger players, as it is made with a blend of materials that are durable and lightweight. Handcrafted Nokona baseball gloves are the ultimate accessory for the game.

Made in the United States

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Nokona is the nation’s oldest baseball glove manufacturer, handcrafting premium ball gloves for nearly 85 years. Dedicated to providing the finest baseball products, Nokona crafts each glove using world-class leathers, which are hand-stamped and crafted by skilled American craftsmen. Each glove is crafted by hand and features unique embroidery, stamping, and shaping, allowing each player to choose exactly what they want from the collection.

Nokona baseball gloves are known for being the finest in the business, with a one-year warranty and the highest quality. The company’s bloodline series features a special tanning process that ensures top-quality durability and comfort. Nokona uses a variety of leathers for its baseball gloves, including the proprietary Prime Leather. Nokona has worked extensively with various leathers to create a baseball glove for every position.

High performing

The Nokona Athletic Club has partnered with Cressey Sports Performance to offer its players access to top-notch training facilities. Players have access to pitching mounds, batting cages, field surfaces, and weight room equipment. The Nokona team is also committed to recruiting college recruits who want to improve their skills. Players can train at the club whenever they want to improve their game. High-performing Nokona baseball gloves are the ultimate investment for aspiring collegiate players.

Nokona gloves have a long history of creating high-quality handcrafted baseball gloves. Their handcrafted leathers, including Kangaroo leather, have earned them a reputation for being durable. One of their top models is the Nokona X2 Elite series, which is crafted from proprietary top-grain Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo Leather. Each glove is position-specific and has been engineered for maximum performance.