Nokona Baseball Gloves

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Founded in 1926, Nokona Athletic Goods Company is the only company in the United States to manufacture baseball gloves. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the original factory building in 2013, but the company has since rebuilt and is continuing to expand its brand. Its gloves have been a staple in the sport for decades, and they have remained a favorite of athletes around the world.

X2 Elite

The Nokona X2 Elite baseball glove is a position-specific glove series that provides excellent performance and durability. Made from top-grain Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers, the X2 Elite requires very little break-in and maintains its shape and structure without losing its grip and feel. This glove provides the best combination of top quality and high performance.

Nokona’s X2 Elite baseball glove is designed for elite players who demand the best in performance. The upper and lower hand of this glove are crafted from proprietary, top-grain Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leather, for optimum feel and performance. Its excellent structure and shape make it ideal for most position-specific play.

Alpha Select

If you’re a baseball fan and are looking for a quality baseball glove, you’ll want to look into the Alpha Select by Nokona. This glove is perfect for younger players and can help them learn the game and develop their mechanics. This model is for players as young as ten and is designed with this age group in mind.

The Alpha Select baseball glove is available in three styles and sizes. One model has a light brown leather exterior with a dark brown interior. The other two have different patterns. If you’re looking for a baseball glove for first base or fastpitch, this is a great option. You can even get a custom logo on it to make it more unique.

Stampede Steerhide

The X2 Elite Series from Nokona is the brand’s top-of-the-line performance baseball glove. It’s designed to give the best performance in a glove with the least break-in period. This series is made with proprietary materials and the Nolera Composite Padding System, providing optimal flexibility and feel.

The leather is made of high-grade U.S. steerhides and features a high-gloss finish that adds a polished look. It’s also very flexible and lightweight. The straps and handle are adjustable and provide easy grip. Nokona baseball gloves come in classic colors, such as black, red, and blue, as well as a variety of other options.

Kangaroo leather

Nokona baseball gloves are made of kangaroo leather, which is considered the strongest leather on the planet. Moreover, these gloves are lightweight and structured. Nokona also uses walnut cowhide leather in some of its baseball gloves to give them superior structure and feel. These baseball gloves are manufactured in Nocona, Texas.

These baseball gloves are handcrafted and oiled for a smooth and natural feel. The X2-200POP baseball glove is one of the newest additions to the Nokona baseball glove line. It features a combination of premium Horween leather and lightweight Kangaroo leather. It also has a lined and backed leather, which helps the gloves break in quickly and retain their shape.

Banana Tan TM

Nokona Baseball Banana Tan batting gloves are designed to provide comfort and a great feel. Developed in the 1970s, this series features soft yet durable cowhide. Its new deep pocket is designed to provide improved playability and has Nolera Composite Padding to provide improved cushioning. The Banana Tan series also features Nokona’s enhanced Ristankor Closure System. This system utilizes Velcro to secure the hand and reduces break-in time.

Banana Tan was developed by Nokona in the 1970s to provide a quick break-in period. Despite its age, Banana Tan TM baseball gloves maintain their look, feel, and performance, and provide the durability that serious players need.