Nokona Baseball Gloves

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Nokona is a small company that has always battled for the spotlight. In the early 2000s, the company invested heavily in marketing and sponsorship deals in an effort to increase its popularity and become a household name. Although the brand grew in popularity, Nokona has struggled to stay in business. This has forced the company to cut back on its marketing efforts in order to survive and remain in business.

Nokona’s Alpha Series

Nokona is a company that manufactures leather goods in Texas, and its craftsmanship has long been recognized by professional ball players. For example, Brewers infielder Tyler Saladino began using Nokona as a youngster. The company’s leather choices far exceed the norm, and players can choose the color and style of the leather on their boots by going online.

Nokona’s Alpha Series comes in two sizes, youth and adult. Both sizes are made from top-quality leather, and are designed for elite high school, college, and pro players. The lightweight construction and fast break-in time make the Alpha a great choice for young players.

Nokona X2 Elite

Nokona has created a new series of baseball gloves called the X2 Elite that is specifically suited for each position. Made of top-grain Stampede Steerhide and kangaroo leather, these gloves require minimal break-in and have excellent structure and shape. The combination of top quality and high performance is what makes these gloves so successful.

The X2 Elite series of baseball gloves comes in several styles and offers position specific support. They are made from kangaroo leather and proprietary top-grain Stampede Steerhide, which provides a high level of structure and shape retention. This combination of premium quality and lightweight construction is sure to please any player.

Nokona’s RistankorTM Closure System

Nokona’s RistankorTM closure system provides maximum comfort, protection, and break-in ease. This innovative system enables gloves to fit snugly on the hand while allowing the wearer to break them in comfortably. Nokona has a long and distinguished history in hand protection, and it is committed to maintaining the heritage of the brand and constantly improving their product line.

Banana Tan

The Nokona Baseball Banana Tan is back with the same great look and feel that you have come to expect from Nokona. First developed in the 1970s, the Banana Tan is made of soft yet durable cowhide that allows a quick break-in time. It also features a deep pocket and Nolera Composite Padding to provide excellent playability and comfort. This new series also features an improved Ristankor Closure System. This new system features Velcro for a secure fit and makes it easier to break in your glove.

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American Legend

If you are looking for a baseball glove that is both durable and comfortable, look no further than Nokona. These baseball gloves are designed and manufactured in Nocona, Texas, where the people behind the company have dedicated themselves to providing the best quality gloves. They are American-made and backed by a 100-day money-back guarantee. They also offer free shipping.

The American Legend baseball glove is made from Sandstone ™ leather and is a great option for players seeking durability and structure. The lining of the leather is medium to firm and allows for custom break-in. This glove is perfect for players who like to shape their gloves before using them.