Nokona Baseball Gloves

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Nokona baseball gloves are made in the USA. In fact, the company has a proud history of making baseball gloves in Nocona, Texas. The company was started by Robert Storey, who refused to move his factory to China when many sports manufacturers were moving overseas. Instead, he decided to stay put and continue manufacturing baseball gloves in the United States.


Nokona baseball gloves are legendary for their durability, strength, and quality. Made in Nocona, Texas, they are meticulously crafted by American artisans from the finest leathers available. Each glove is unique, handcrafted, stamped, shaped, and embroidered by skilled craftsmen. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, you’re sure to find a glove that’s perfect for you.

The company began in 1926 as a leather goods business, but later renamed itself Nocona Athletic Goods Company. In 1934, the company trademarked the Nokona baseball glove. However, the company’s name could not be registered because of its similarity to a town that was not incorporated. Today, Nokona continues to handcraft baseball gloves, and it has added sewing and die-cutting machines to its production process. The Nokona baseball glove is used by professional athletes and teams around the world.

Made in the USA

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Nokona baseball gloves have a long and proud history. They have been handcrafted since 1934 in Nocona, Texas. Each one is unique, reflecting the company’s values of individuality and teamwork. Nokona gloves are a great choice for baseball players of all ages and skill levels.

Made in the United States, premium Nokona baseball gloves are high performing and durable. They are made with top-grade leather and designed to be used in the correct position. They are also a great choice for younger players. You can buy a high-quality Nokona baseball glove at and get free shipping!


To enhance baseball players’ performance, Nokona Athletic Club partners with Cressey Sports Performance (CSP) to provide full-service training facilities. These facilities include pitching mounds, batting cages, and field surfaces. All Nokona players also have access to a full-time CSP trainer.

Nokona’s leather goods have been a staple in the world of baseball for decades, and it’s no surprise that professional ball players recognize the company’s fine craftsmanship. Infielder Tyler Saladino, for instance, wore Nokona baseball gloves as a kid.


The Nocona Athletic Goods Company is a legendary manufacturer of baseball and softball gloves. While the company’s name has been shortened to “Nokona,” it is actually a spelling of the name of a Comanche Indian tribe. The company’s products have been favored by many professional and amateur athletes alike.

Since 1934, Nokona has been handcrafting its premium baseball gloves in Nocona, Texas. Each one is uniquely crafted to reflect the brand’s commitment to individuality and teamwork.