Types of News You’ll Find on the Internet


There are three types of news: Hard news, Entertainment, and Human interest stories. Each of these categories has its own characteristics. Regardless of the type of news you prefer to read, you’ll likely find something interesting to read. Here are some examples. Whether you’re a student or a businessperson, the Internet is an excellent resource for finding stories of interest.

Hard news

Hard news is a serious type of news that usually appears on the front page of a newspaper or at the top of a newscast. It focuses on a major event, usually in business or politics, and is meant to inform readers of its implications. It is often written in a concise, factual manner, so that readers can judge it for themselves.

The difference between hard news and soft news can be difficult to define, but the two types of stories have some common features. Hard news focuses on recent events that are relevant to the public and the media, whereas soft news is more about human interest and entertainment. These are the stories that make up features, editorials, and investigative news.

Hard news is information that has significance to a large number of readers and viewers, such as those about the government, international affairs, education, labour, religion, economics, and the courts. It is important to remember that hard news can be complex and requires a lot of thought and analysis. Ultimately, the most effective news coverage is a mixture of both types of news.


The term Entertainment in the news refers to news that has an entertainment-oriented slant. NBC’s Today show was among the first to present entertainment-oriented morning news, as was the local news in the 1950s. ABC later joined the fray with Good Morning America. In its early years, entertainment-oriented morning news was the domain of a news magazine, but the format has since become a staple of morning TV.

The barrier between entertainment and news has always been a challenge, but the tension between serious journalism and commercialism is becoming more acute in the modern world. Before television, news media had struggled with this tension, which is heightened with the rise of tabloid news. In the 1960s, television networks began to worry about commercial pressures and image. As a result, many of them began to expand their news operations. But while this expansion was welcomed, it also led to a tension between the church of news and the state of entertainment.

Human interest stories

Human interest stories in the news can be a powerful form of storytelling. The public’s desire to know about people and their experiences has always been important, and this desire continues to resonate in today’s world. While some stories are strictly factual and informative, others are crafted to evoke an emotional response. A good human interest story will incorporate compelling quotes, photos, and videos, and let the reader experience the story through their emotions.

Whether it’s a refugee family or a world-record-breaking mountain climber, human interest stories can touch readers’ hearts in many ways. These stories can tell of a family’s struggles, their training, and their hopes for the future. Even a political exposé can be a compelling human interest story.