What is Law New?

The practice of law is a fluid and ever-changing environment. Strategies that work one year may not necessarily be as effective the next, and firms must continually look for ways to adapt and keep their clients happy. One way to do this is by embracing new concepts such as “law new.” While this concept can be difficult to define, it involves creating legal services that benefit clients in entirely different ways than have been seen in the past. This typically includes using new technology, focusing on processes and employing staffers that are not on a partner track.

This bill would require City agencies to provide employees and job applicants with notice of available federal and State student loan forgiveness programs. DCWP would prepare a notice to be distributed to agency employees and job applicants and make it available on the City’s website.

Local Law 13 of 2022. Adds an exception to item pricing requirements for retail stores that use scanners for consumer purchase transactions.

This bill amends data breach notification laws to align the City’s requirements with those of the State’s SHIELD Act. Under the bill, City agencies that experience a security breach involving personal identifying information of individuals would be required to promptly disclose the breach to affected persons and to the City’s Chief Privacy Officer, the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications and the Office of Cyber Command.

The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) adopted new rules to implement Local Law 202 of 2019, Local Law 144 of 2021, and Local Law 37 of 2022. These new rules set penalty schedules for violations related to keeping or selling any force-fed products, open captioning in motion picture theaters and automated employment decision tools.