What Is News?

“News” is an unpublished account of human activity. It must relate to that activity in some way and should either be scholarly or modern in nature. It could be a report of a historical event, a personal memoir, or an analysis of a current issue. The article itself must not be a piece of art. However, it must be well-written. This article will be viewed favorably by the audience. The author may have a personal or professional connection to the subject.

News is an unpublished account of human activity

News is a short, concise account of an event or human activity. Its primary purpose is to inform, entertain, and educate its readers. News must have no prior publication and must be relevant to the audience. It is important to note that news does not have to be about a specific event. Rather, news is an account of an event or human activity that may be of interest to people. The Oxford Dictionary defines news as “the latest incident, or any story, which is timely.”

To make a news story, a journalist must have a source. A source is a person or group that contributes information for a report. The medium in which the account is published can be print, television, radio, Internet, documentary film, or future medium. The source of a news story determines how likely it is to be shared on social media. According to Harcup and O’Neill, the selection of news stories depends on the journalist’s time and resources.

It must be a report of an event

The post-event report is an essential part of organizing events. The report summarises the data generated during the event and provides insight into the effectiveness of the channels used, the types of people who attended, and other metrics. In addition, it should thank the event’s organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and vendors, and present significant figures. The report should be prepared within a couple of days after the event ends.

During the event, you should film key sessions. You may want to include them in your report, since they are a valuable source of data for the business. The report should contain a summary of the key elements of the event, such as the floor plans and event formats. You must also include an official executive summary, which should be a separate document. Include key objectives and proposals for future event organisation. Using bar charts to depict qualitative data will help you make the most informed decision possible.