What Makes a Nokona Baseball Glove So Special?

nokona baseball

If you’re a newbie to the sport of baseball, you may be wondering what makes a Nokona baseball glove so unique. Nokona baseball gloves are made by hand with the help of a process known as gomez molding. The process starts with a wooden dowel and a long, thin rod inserted inside the glove’s fingers. Gomez then turns the leather fingers back the right way before applying a leather softener spray. Finally, he heats the glove on a 250-degree metal form. Nokona baseball gloves are an excellent choice for youth players, and are an unassuming brand that is highly respected in the sports industry.

X2 Elite

The Nokona X2 Elite baseball glove series is position-specific, and is made with premium Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers. These gloves are designed with minimal break-in, have superior structure, and maintain shape well. With a price tag of $125, the Nokona X2 Elite is the perfect balance of top quality and high performance. Listed below are some of the key features of this position-specific glove.

Alpha Select

The Nokona Alpha Select+ glove is a great option for club players who want a high-quality, durable, and lightweight baseball glove. It is made with stampedeTM and buffalo leather, and weighs only 475 grams. Its Nolera composite padding system makes it lightweight, but doesn’t sacrifice durability or softness. This glove has been produced in the United States since 1934. It is a great choice for young players.


Nokona baseball gloves are made of premium materials, including top-grain leather and kangaroo and cow hide. Their buffalo and steer hide gloves cost upwards of $250, and they can also be bought in a kangaroo-skin hybrid. Nokona baseball gloves are heavy and durable, and they feature a classic style and construction. Although they are more expensive than other brands, they are still comparable to steer-hide gloves in terms of structure and fit.

American Caiman

The Nokona Baseball Gloves are an iconic American sports brand. They are made with a unique blend of American leather and exotic materials. Company president Jeff Beraznik noted that cowhide, buffalo, and kangaroo hides are all common in baseball gloves, but the company uses only the best – the American Caiman. The leather used in baseball mitts comes from a reptile, and Nokona is proud to offer a product that uses it.

RistankorTM Closure System

Nokona is dedicated to continuing its tradition of excellence and improving their product lines. This year marks the company’s 80th anniversary, and their 2014 line features new technical series and the Nolera Composite Padding SystemTM to improve performance. The RistankorTM Closure System allows players to lock their glove in place, making break-in a much easier process. Nokona is committed to the safety of its athletes and their players.